Frequently asked questions

Is my preschool child ready for lessons?

Preschool children vary widely and they all develop differently. Even a few months can make a huge difference in their readiness for preschool piano lessons. Here are some guidelines to help you assess your own child's readiness: Does he show interest in the piano? Does she respond well when asked questions? Can he sit and listen to short stories? Can she follow simple instructions? What about two-part instructions? (i.e. Please pick up your shirt and put it in the laundry pile.) Is he potty trained? Can she speak clearly and communicate well with adults? Does he know the names of his hands, feet, fingers, toes, arms, head, etc? If you answered yes to most of these questions, let's set up your free trial lesson. If you answered no to most of the questions, your child could need to wait a bit to start. Please contact me if you're not sure. Some children are ready at three, others at four. It's ALL totally normal and we can start in any calendar month.

Do you offer a free trial lesson?

Yes! I always offer one free lesson, so you can see if we're a good fit or not. Occasionally, I run a special offering TWO free lessons for preschool children.

Do you offer online lessons?

Yes. I've found online lessons to be just as enjoyable and effective as in-person lessons, and with the added convenience that I come to you. :)

Do you offer in-person lessons?

Yes and no. Normally I teach in-person lessons at Deermeadows Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida, near the corner of Southside Blvd and Baymeadows Rd. Right now I am teaching exclusively online. Want to be updated when I start in-person lessons again? Things can change rapidly right now in 2020. Don't miss out! Join the waitlist by emailing or calling/messaging me. ExploreMusicJax@gmail.com 904-719-0517

Do I need a keyboard or piano to take piano lessons?

Yes. Students will need daily or near-daily access to a quality instrument. At minimum the piano or keyboard should have full-size weighted keys and the keys should be weighted. Please contact me if you have questions about this important purchase.

What does the registration fee cover?

Your registration fee is non-refundable and guarantees you a lesson spot in Explore Music Jax studio for the school year. It is used for a variety of things, including but not limited to, the following: recital expenses teaching supplies, like game supplies, pens, pencils, paper, visuals incentives, like stickers, treats, special delivery bags postage for mailing to online students color printing website fees digital books to share free of cost with students professional dues teacher continuing education (workshops and other training)

Do you offer group classes?

Yes, some semesters I offer group classes. For fall 2020, there will be two online singing clubs for children and some online early childhood preschool music classes. Group piano may follow in January 2021. Want to be the first to find out about new class offerings? Drop me an email or message to: ExploreMusicJax@gmail.com 904-719-0517

How much does this cost?

Private piano or voice lessons tuition cost is as follows: $35 yearly non-refundable registration fee 30-minute weekly lesson - $110 per month ($27.50 per lesson) 45-minute weekly lesson - $165 per month ($41.25 per lesson) 60-minute weekly lesson - $220 per month ($55 per lesson) Group lesson tuition costs vary per class, but normally they run around half the cost of private lessons for the same length lesson time.

What forms of payment do you take?

I accept online payment with a credit card, checks or cash. If you are an online student, please do not send cash in the mail.

Do you offer scholarship opportunities?

Yes! Explore Music Jax offers scholarships to cover a large part of the lesson tuition, for families who could not otherwise afford music lessons. Want more information? Drop me a note, call or text: ExploreMusicJax@gmail.com 904-719-0517

What do I need for online lessons?

You need a high-speed internet connection and a device that can stream from the internet. Generally speaking, the newest and/or largest screen device you own is the best choice for lessons. Worried you won't be able to figure this out? Don't stress! I'm happy to help you get settled into virtual lessons. It is like many other things - it's pretty easy after you know how to do it. :)