Hi! I'm Lynn. 

I love Jesus, my fun husband, my amazing children, chocolate, and sharing my love of MUSIC with YOU!


About our lessons…


I don’t believe it is ever too early or too late to start. 

I believe children (and adults/teens) learn more effectively if they are having FUN, so we play a lot.  Yes, of course we play the piano, but we also sing songs, play games, read stories, dance, march, and do art.  I do have some students who prefer approaching things more traditionally, so for them we rarely play games or stray from sitting at the piano bench, because they really just want to play the piano.  Every lesson is planned with the individual in mind. 

More about me…


My name is Lynn Roberts. I am married with two adult children, both of whom are accomplished musicians in their own right.  My husband loves to tell people that we are a musical family.  (His wife plays the piano, our oldest child plays the violin, our youngest child plays the piano, and he plays the stereo.)


In my free time, you will usually find me spending time with my family or volunteering at my church. I enjoy singing in the choir, photography, hiking, walking at the beach, and generally being outside in nature.  My whole family loves food and cooking, sometimes a little too much. :)


I’ve been singing ever since I can remember and playing the piano since I was in preschool experimenting with my grandmother’s piano.  I studied piano and voice at both Florida State University and Liberty University, before earning my bachelor’s degree from Liberty University.


Over the course of my life, I’ve taught private music lessons, served as a preschool music teacher in a school setting, and performed or ministered through song in 22 states and Canada, but my favorite musical accomplishment is much closer to my heart. I was given the opportunity, to teach my youngest daughter to play the piano starting when she was only three years old. She still plays the piano today at twenty.  (You will see her helping out at some Explore Music Jax functions and classes. She is currently a college music student majoring in piano.) 


2019 Wunderkeys Success Story:


National Association Teachers of Singing (NATS)

Music Teacher's National Association (MTNA)

Florida State Music Teacher's Association (FSMTA)

Jacksonville Music Teacher's Association (JMTA)


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